The major improvement and re-organization of the company in 2020 has significantly resulted in direct cost reduction, and leading to higher gross margin. In addition, the improvement includes the development and amendment of management practice which has tremendously decreased costs and has shown major uplift of the company performance with less negative profit. 

 The company has set business strategic plan focus on spreading out risk by expanding business to various business sectors. So, the necessity in relying only on core business or major customer is stretching out. Because of this, Year 2020 is a year of customer portfolio improvement to keep up growing logistic business in e-commerce customer sector which is significantly growing today. Also, the strategic plan includes other investment plans which shall give back return to the company in long run.

 Year 2020 is a learning year the employee including a year to create new pieces of qualitative work under the strategy of building growth and healthy services to customers which will be a foundation for company future business steady growth.  

Furthermore, the company has joined more of various social activities and expressed its resolution among other companies in anti corruption until the company has been certified as a company jointly against corruption of Thai Private Sector or CAC.

The company still adheres to the policy of integrated logistic services provider  which helps  in business expansion to be a consultant  in warehouse building and management. It is an extended business for the company for this year.

For Year 2020, the world is facing the COVID-19 crisis which directly impacts to global economy and economic situation. The company has contingency plan for risk prevention and also look ahead for the business opportunity that may incur after the crisis. 

BEGISTIC PUBLIC COMPANY  had major organization re-structure and improvements in last two years. From the change, the improvements are noticeable in many area  i.e. human resource, management team, business management group, supervision, strategic planning for middle and long terms. All of these will direct the company to the growth and future favorable performance for shareholder’s satisfaction in the future.


Mr.Pongsiri Sirithorn