Message from Chairman of the Board of Directors

Overview of Thai economy in 2018 was considered as continuously growing period, from pervious year, of logistics business in exporting and service sessions although there were an outbound economic turmoil and trade conflicts between the United States and China impacting to both global and regional levels. All those incidents did not crash the company performance since the Board of Directors had carefully accomplished business with effectiveness. In additions, the Board had focused on corporate good governance, quality operations process, and transparency. All those factors had led the company to excellence and sustainability resulting to good return to stakeholders.

In 2019, Thailand’s economy still needs to see political directions after an election. This is due to the election in Thailand has been absence for 8 years. The company focuses on carefully conducting business with prudence and efficiency

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank you shareholders, investors, customers, partners and the company supporters: executives, staffs and all stakeholders who have granted well cooperation. The Board of Directors has performed their assignments with dedications and full capacity in order to revive the company’s earnings to be profitability in the future. They, at all time, are attentively to maintain maximum benefits to shareholders and the company.

General Jongsak Panichkul