Stock Information

B Begistics Public Company Limited

SMarket                     SET

Industry                   Services

Sector                      Transportation & Logistics

First Trade Date      10 July.2003

Capital Detail

Par Value                   0.68 Baht

Common Stock

Authorized Capital    3,093,442,070.20 Baht

Paid-up Capital         2,352,976,255.32 Baht

Foreign Limit                 49.00000%

                                      (as of 29 Jun 2020)

ISIN Number

Local                               TH0709010Y07

Foreign                            TH0709010Y15

NVDR                              TH0709010R14

Fiscal End             31/12

Company Auditor (Effective untill 31/12/2021)

A.M.T. Associate.

  1. Mr. Chaiyuth Angsuwithaya
  2. Mrs. Natsarak Sarochanunjeen
  3. Miss Daranee Somkamnerd
  4. Miss Jarunee Nuammae
  5. Mr. Siramate Akkharachotkulanun

The person talking the highest responsibility in finance & accounting

Mrs.Peeraya Pothiprasart

(acting) (starting date 01/11/2020)

The person supervising accounting

Mr. Attapol Sanonn (starting date 21/03/2022)