Message from Chairman of the Board of Directors

           “In year 2021, Thai economy has shown clearly signaling of slowing down, as of world economy deteriorated caused by Covid-19 pandemic affecting broadly in manufacturing, investment and touring sectors. In addition, the technology sector is developing and changing rapidly as a result, all sectors have to adapt, in order to overcome this crisis, the Board of Directors therefore attaches great importance to the administration of good governance, transparency, accountability, strengthening and supervising processes to drive business towards sustainability at all levels of the organization. 



              Begistics Public Company Limited has restructured its business to become an Integrated Logistics Service Provider and has expanded its scope of service to business groups with more ecommerce. There is cooperation with domestic and international partners to increase competitiveness and service. In addition, the company is interested in investing in green logistics projects such as development projects in transportation technology. Transportation improvement project to increase efficiency and be environmentally friendly, Warehouse automation projects, etc. In addition, the Company also has plans to invest in Green Utilities projects, such as the development of alternative water and electric power, etc., and focuses on investing in businesses that are likely to grow according to the current economic conditions to create good returns for the company and shareholders in the long run.

             In terms of overseeing anti-corruption measures, The Board of Directors is aware and understands the context of corruption problems. Impact on business affairs and society as a whole has the intention to fight against all forms of corruption (Zero Tolerance) and attach importance to participating in the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption (CAC) from February 2020 to present as well as attaching importance to good practices for the board and management in overseeing anti-corruption measures. Including a process for communicating anti-corruption policies and understanding the major corruption risks of the business to executives, employees and other stakeholders continuously.

             On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank shareholders, investors, customers, partners and the company supporters especially executives, staffs and all stakeholders who have granted well cooperation. The Board of Directors has performed their assignments with dedications and full capacity in order to revive the company’s earnings to be strongly growth including maintain its highest benefits to shareholders and the company as always.

Pol Lt Gen.

Somkid Boonthanom